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Winspec has manufacturing facilities in Ronkonkoma NY, and in Taipei Taiwan. Our main SMT lines are in Ronkonkoma NY.

In 2001 we added two Phillips Topaz X high speed pick and place machines with a combined throughput of 36,000 Chips Per Hour. With a fully automated no operator involvement "stencil printing through to reflow" we can guarantee 99.99% first pass yield which guarantees you a very low incidence of reworked modules, thus eliminating the possibility of field failures due to heat damaged components. With the finer pitches now found on new devices and the move towards BGA and other small outline chip packages where rework is simply not possible, process is everything. Winspec is committed to manufacturing excellence and as such we are committed to having state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel that understands that process is more important than rework skill.  

In the New York facility we also have 4 proprietary testing platforms with 16 test beds each that allow us to test in excess of 50,000 chips per day shift. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to test Sync-66 through to DDR-400 in house. Our test methodologies have proven themselves in the field over the past 7 years. Our proprietary test methodologies allow us to manufacture with absolute confidence that our chips are "known good die". This is a vast improvement on competing methodologies where assembly and test at the module level are used to test the chip. This results in very high failure rates that can only be repaired through heat damaging re-work.  

In order to guarantee full parametric functionality we fully test every single module we manufacture. With test times coming close to 1 minute for a 512MB DDR 400Mhz Module one is forced to either make the investment in test or take the risk of shipping defective product, and consequently face expensive Returns. 14 fully automated module testers guarantee the quality level our customers have come to expect from us for Vssburst modules. In addition we bench test every lot on the top 20 motherboards to ensure chip set to module compatibility. We can guarantee compatibility with various chip sets especially those from SIS, Via and especially Intel.

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